Collaborative working environment in a shared office space


Collaboration is necessary to accelerate innovation and provide better solutions to our customers.

Chicago’s newest startup incubator in Merchandise Mart - Chicago Connectory
Chicago Connectory coworking office space for tech startups
Bosch opens a new collaborative workspace for Chicago startups in Merchandise Mart

What we do for startups

We’re here to give startups the resources they need to drive IoT business. We offer workshops, consulting and mentoring as well as an introduction in the Bosch IoT Cloud and software developer portal. Startups are teams of passionate entrepreneurs working on the next big idea and are the cornerstone of the community in the Chicago Connectory. We’re looking for opportunities to thrive together in potential co-creation opportunities within IoT.

  • Benefits

    The Chicago Connectory features a mix of community, technology and educational resources to help facilitate IoT partnerships. Community resources will include access to mentors from Bosch, 1871, faculty from Chicago-area universities, and executives from local corporations. The Chicago Connectory features open working spaces, project collaboration areas as well as space to host regular events and activities.

  • Events & Workshops

    The Connectory hosts programs for the IoT community on a regular basis -- including IoT meetups, workshops, and guest speakers -- that are accessible for members and non-members. To learn more about Connectory programs, stay tuned and sign up for our email newsletter.

  • Community

    Our mission to actively support building up the IoT community and ecosystem of the City of Chicago and the Midwest.

Plans & Pricing

Memberships in the Connectory are available for IoT startups and co-creation projects with various parties.

Open seating

Access to flexible seating area

Reserved seats

$ 550
Assigned desk and locker

Reserved Office space

$ 2,800 – 5,000
details upon request.
Assigned room or area

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